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Tyler’s POV (MunchingBrotato)

Iris was able to lend everyone a horse for free, the two now tag-alongs, Bodil and Simon were told they should walk or pay for their own horses. Iris gave them both reliable horses for free even though there was lots of protest. Now we were on our way to the Celestial City, which was basically heading out towards the west exit instead of the east.

It was a bit tricky for everyone to lead their horses around town, trying to make it through to the complete opposite side, I sighed in agony.

“How would you like to buy some TNT?” Bodil strode up to me casually with his thick accent.

I looked at him quizzically, “What… no… Where did this come from?”

“It’s business kid.” He grinned crazily, I give him a lopsided look and he burst out laughing. I will say this, his laugh is very, very, contagious, and soon we were both giggling messes.

“See that’s the spirit, wherever you’re going you gotta keep laughing.”

I nodded, I saw the tall post of the west exit approaching. Once out of the gates we hurriedly swung up on top of our horses.

“If you don’t know how to ride a horse…” Iris trailed off, glancing to the side at Mitch, Quentin, and Luna, “Then unfortunately you have a very short time to learn.” She snickered bluntly; I heard them groan and smirked to myself.

Sky decided to walk the whole way, said he grew uncomfortable when his feet couldn’t touch the ground. I don’t really know why, but it’s not actually like I knew everything about them, I’ve only just met them today.

Time Skip

I squeezed the side of my horse, willing it to speed up a little bit, he rode up to Iris’ horse. Pulling only slightly on the reins, I got him to slow down beside her.

“You know you can always turn back now, this could be very dangerous,” I wasn’t trying to offend her or anything, but I’ve had a long standing crush on her since we were younger, and I didn’t want her to get hurt.

“Oh Tyler,” she mused, “You know I can fight,” she patted the quiver of arrows and bow attached to her back smirking at me. She knows I’ve been a farmer’s boy my whole life, the only thing I know how to wield… is a hoe… I‘ve never held a weapon in my life, so I’m pretty useless when it comes to fight…; now cooking is a different story.

I saw her grey wolf ears flick rapidly on her head, “Guy’s I hear something!”

“I do to!” echoed Luna; I don’t know how she can, not like she has wolf ears…

Everyone halted their horses; the only sound heard was the mindless chatter of Bodil and his friend Simon.

“Shut it you two,” Mae ordered, sending death glares at them.

“Will do when we get paid for our damaged merchandise.” Simon chortled.

If looks could kill, I’m sure Simon would’ve died by the glares given to him by several people. He shrunk back slightly.

Mae jumped off her horse, “I’m sure it’s nothing dangerous, but just in case stay back, we got this,” she gestured to Sky, Ty, and Jason.

No one argued. In the next few seconds, it seemed like a secret communication system was going on, a bunch of hand gestures and eye signals between Mae and Sky.

One moment Sky was standing peacefully on the ground, the next his whole appearance changed and he had his ear to the ground, “Nothing so far—wait, I’m picking up a little bit of footsteps, slight vibrations bouncing off the ground about 70 feet away. Pretty sure someone is talking.” He paused, “They are alone.”

He stood up and dusted himself off, I stared at him in shock, and along with about… oh I don’t know everyone!

“Y-you could deduce that just by getting an earful of dirt,” faltered Ryan.

He laughed, “No silly, I just work better with the earth, too much to explain.” He just nodded sheepishly.

“Alright, no needs to worry then, let’s just continue on our way.” Mae justified, climbing back onto her horse and riding forward, towards the direction of the voice.

Reluctantly we all followed.

Mae’s POV (Comment below with POV ideas, idk which ones I should use.)

“How is your tea?” an annoying loud voice rang out through the trees, I couldn’t see through them, because I had to duck down low to avoid getting wacked by a branch. Soon the bright lights of the open fields broke through; the sun was no longer hiding from us. What I saw was… extremely surprising.

“Oh look Simon, you have a brother,” Bodil said, followed by a fit of giggles…

But yes, it was indeed a watermelon again, except this one was a full watermelon.

“Oh look, Melody! We have some guests!” the strange watermelon creature stood up from his makeshift table, and tea set. I think this guy is insane, he’s sitting in a patch of watermelons, and all of them are inanimate objects. He walked over to us.

“Well hello, have you come to the tea party, I must see your invitations.” A wide toothy grin spread across his watermelon head. Now getting a closer look I realized he wore a pair of those old-school 3D glasses, and had a huge chunk of his head missing.

“Invitation? I’m afraid we don’t have any.” Steve broke the silence.

The melon gasped, his steps faltering as he moved towards, he started to push at our horses, “Shoo, shoo with all of you, you aren’t welcome without an invitation!”

I jumped down from my horse, I draped the lead over my horse, “Excuse me, may I ask if you’re feeling alright.” This is a complete waste of our time!

“Shoo, no invitation no entry to my tea party! Only melons!” he glared at me and my eye twitched as he tried to push me away, I stood my ground not moving an inch.

“Please stop pushing me; I’d hate to burn your ass…” I grumbled.

I looked up and wavered when he looked behind me, and practically ran past me and stood face to face with Simon, “My melon brethren! Come sit, enjoy some tea.”

The odd melon dude lead Simon to seat at the crappy table, Luna jumped down from her horse and started pacing around, “Seto shouldn’t we do something.”

He didn’t answer her, but merely just studied the insane watermelon man. With one swift motion of his hand, he teleported in front of the melon.

“Hey! What are you doing here, only melons aloud!” He jabbered.

Seto didn’t answer for a few seconds then, “No doubt about it, this is the sick twisted work of Herobrine. This ‘melon’ has no recollection of anything, as indicated by the missing part of his head.”

“Oh great,” Jordan muttered, “Now Herobrine is making psychotic melons with amnesia...”

“God, I hate to say it, but it would be cruel to leave a defenseless guy—“


Seto rolled his eyes, “Fine, melon by himself in his condition, we need to bring him with us.”

I stared blankly at him, not bothering to be a part of this, everyone else nodded, Seto slapped his hand against the melon’s forehead, and instantly he fell unconscious, “He’ll be out for a few days, enough for us to get to Celestial City and put him in a hospital, but we first need a way to transport him.”

“He can have my horse,” I sighed, “I don’t really need one.” He nodded and we quickly strapped the melon to my horse, everyone clambered on back to theirs and I started walking with Sky. If you don’t remember, Sky doesn’t like travel that doesn’t involve his feet touching solid, unmoving ground, minus earthquakes…

Time Skip

Nothing interesting happened in the 2 days it took us to travel here; yes we were outside the walls of the Celestial City. Boy was it grand, definitely fitting to its name. No way was it technologically advanced, but the walls were decorated by glowstone, as we entered the vast city, we almost instantly lost each other in the crowd.

All of our horses were staying at an outside horse stable, so no need to take them with us into the town. Sky carried the unconscious melon on his shoulders, and it certainly was a sight to see, I almost laughed but I held it in.

The whole city looked like a modern day city, reminded me very much of NYC. I’ve only ever been there once, for business, but it was massive. The only difference between this city and NYC was that this had no sorts of technology except redstone. By now I’ve come to the conclusion that this world is connected to its video game counterpart, Minecraft. Just don’t ask me why.

Sky whistled beside me, “Doesn’t it make you think of back home.”

“Hell yes.”

He laughed, as we continued to walk forward. I almost forgot what we were here for, if Steve hadn’t called out, “The library is this way, stay close, if you don’t want to get lost.” I was surprised I could hear his voice over this crowd, still can’t believe this place would be this busy, to the point you’re always pushing and shoving your way through.

Time Skip

We stood in front of a massive building, it seemed to be made entirely of quartz and other rich ores, “This is supposed to be a library!” I muttered, “This better suits the name castle, than a flippin’ library!”

Ty snorted behind, “You’re right, who makes a library this grand?”

I nodded in agreement, “What are you looking for Steve,” Jason asked.

“Information, if this library doesn’t have anything on how to travel to new worlds then I don’t know where to look.”

“What about Herobrine?” Jordan asked.

“Herobrine!?” Tyler gawped, “What does he have to do with anything!”

Right, we never filled him, Iris, Bodil, or Simon on any of this, “Long story short, we’re from another dimension and were brought here apparently by a power hungry god.” I sang, feigning happiness.

They gasped, “Holy crap!” Iris muttered under her breath.

“You can still turn back if you don’t want to—“ Seto was interrupted.

“I’m not turning back, not when an adventure like this is waiting,” Tyler jumped around excitedly, all feelings of shock gone.

“And I would never leave friends to fight by themselves,” Iris added.

Bodil and Simon glanced at each other uncertainly, maybe Steve was right and they would leave when the found out how dangerous this was going to be, “We’ll stay.” Simon chirped, or apparently they aren’t going to leave… I sent a silent glare to Steve who just smiled at me.

“We have all manners of explosives, and we love to explode things,” Bodil sniggered in his thick accent.

I heard sighing come from Seto, at least we agree on something. Now past all this we headed inside the library, I wasn’t ready for the sight.

It. Was. Flippin’. Gigantic! The shelves were as tall as the ceiling, and the ceiling was probably taller than the Statue of Liberty back in the US. The building spanned for ‘miles’, it was entirely lit by redstone lamps. Rows upon rows of shelves stood everywhere.

“How are we supposed to look all this!” Mitch howled his eyes were wide with amazement or shock.

“Don’t worry, we only need to look through the magic section, I hope there will be some information there.” Steve answered.

“Then I suppose you know where that is,” Ian assumed.

“Of course follow me,” motioning with his hand for us to follow. He led us to the back of the library, probably the far left corner. This area was probably the darkest; it gave off an eerie feel.

“This just got creepy.” Mitch muttered.

“It’s fine, let’s just start searching for anything concerning traveling dimensions.” Steve suggested he set straight to work, already grabbing several books off the shelf and sitting down in the corner.

I sat down near the shelf, selecting a book at random, the title read ‘Basics to Sorcerery’. Why is it the first book I grab have to be about how to do magic…

Mitch’s POV

I snickered at Ryan; he sat down, his back slamming into the shelf accidentally. The only thing it did was make a book fall on his head.

“Shit,” I heard him mutter.

“You ok biggums?” I questioned, he nodded and went back to reading.

I sighed and groaned, half these books I can’t read only a few of them are in English, but everyone was caught up in reading, it’s so boring. I stood up abruptly, “Is there a bathroom?”

No one looked up as I asked the question, Steven only pointed up ahead. I mumbled to myself and stormed off, only glancing up to see a sign pointing to the bathroom.

Seto’s POV

Eagerly flipping through the pages, I devoured all the information I could. I’ve never had a chance to come here, the place where information on pretty much everything could be found. This place is a heaven to all people who are curious, I’m no exception.

I slammed the book closed and replaced it back on the shelf. I gripped the side of the ladder next to me and climbed up at least 7 rows. Running my fingers over the spine of each book, I smiled at the different colorings of each. One book caught my eye, Four Demons of End, my eyebrow raised in questioning as I pulled it off the shelf and examined the cover.

The cover was a dark royal blue, smooth to touch, but sturdy. Silver lettering was on the front, same with title of course, and the author, Sten von Presse, what a peculiar name. I slid down the ladder clutching the book to my chest and got comfortable on the ground again. I decided to read the introduction.

It’s almost done. That’s what he told me, his experiments will be complete. The only thing left would be their essences added. I never believed this was a good idea, nor did he, but I was here on orders, and he had a debt to pay, so we were both left with no choice.

“I’d advise you to step back, there is no guarantee this will work.” His raspy voice echoed in my head.

“It worked before with the test trial.”

“Yes but, we used a much weaker essence.” It was hard to make out his features in the dark shadows.

“What will you do with her?”

“…Raise her as my own.”

I can see the future, that’s my gift. Only small glimpses, but enough to prophesize fates.

I’ve seen her fate, the only thing I’ll say is, she’s not alone…

What was that all about? Is this just a storybook, or is this meant to be for real, and what of these experiments! Who isn’t alone, what the fuck!

I flipped to the first section, labeled, 'Ruin'.

Here it read:

Come the dawn of a new end,

A demon is born

Thy name is Ruined;

As spoken by Death

Sickness will befall.

The wicked ripen in ire

Revolting afar limit

Of binds

Preceding time of turmoil

Here corruption will bleed in

Eliminating thy ties

And the cometh of the immortal

When pandemonium sets in

And kin will spill kin

Inevitable fates will twine and mix



In destiny

Negligence to truths will

Ruin survival

Until Desperation wakes

It will never be the end


I think this might be a book on prophecies, I flipped through the rest, except the other three main section were empty! Now that I think about it, there is a strong protective hex on this book, something too powerful for me to break.

I sighed in defeat, unable to understand anything of what I read or of how to break the spell; I was just about to climb the ladder to put to the book back. When the lights all flickered off, not like it wasn’t already dark over here... I saw Mitch in the distance running over to us as the whole building began to glow an eerie red.

A loud explosion sounded as part of the roof came crashing in, cutting off Mitch's path. I jumped to my feet as everyone did the same, mobs were pouring into the hole, and they were all heading over to us.

"Holy crap! What happened!" Ryan screamed. He lifted his sack over his shoulders, making sure his mask was secure and ran up to me as we all scrambled to move.

"Where's Mitch," Sky frantically yelled.

"Doods where are you!?" Mitch's voice rang out through the cloud of smoke. Yes for whatever reason, blazes where flying everywhere and the place was on fire.

"We need to get out of here, I can hold back the mobs as you guys go get Mitch and leave," Mae ordered, she was already running out and distracting the mobs, and swing her scythe around.

We ran, Sky still carrying the unconscious melon, dodging the mobs, as they came after us, the creepers with their sadistic faces tried to blow up, but Luna kept them away, charming them with some of her spells, spells of controlling the dead. Did I forget to mention, she is a necromancer, she has the power to control small groups of the dead.

(I actually forgot Bashur, I added him in while editing XD)

"This way," Steven waved his hands in his direction, while clutching a book under his arm. I've only just realized I was carrying a book too, the same one I was reading.

Zombies and skellys came in from the right, I countered them with a little bit of purple flame. Coughing only slightly as I inhaled more smoke, the blazes were burning the place down, I think Herobrine knows what we were doing and is trying to stop us, in the most 'amusing' way to him...

Mae’s POV

The mobs were pouring in from the ceiling, they looked like the Minecraft mobs, except more gruesome. Blazes dripping lava and burning things in sight, clouding the air with their smoke, zombies groaned and stumbled toward me.

Whipping out my scythe I ran through the fire, slashing through the mobs, I cleared a path for the others to run through. The blazes took extreme interest in me, flying towards me their smoke billowing around me. I flashed my tail towards one; the sharp arrow like tip injured it. Using this chance I flew up into the air, where I could see just a little bit better, and dived down, cutting through the blazes.

An arrow flew by and lodged itself in my wing; I winced in the air and plummeted to the ground. Crashing into a pile of rubble I grunted, and cautiously stood myself up, supporting my weight mainly on my scythe. The library was burning, so why not use that to my advantage, I’m sure the other are already out.

Placing my hand on a nearby bookshelf, I burned it. It gave me energy to keep moving and help eliminate all the mobs that can burn. I wrenched the arrow out of my wing, and limped away, everything was burning, if we didn’t find anything in the time we had, we’ll probably never find anything.

The blazes were still on my tail, but they can’t hurt me… The building is collapsing and I’m sure everyone is out, but if they’re not then something bad could happen.

Mitch’s POV

Explosions, loud explosions, I can’t find them. I run around coughing as I inhale the smoke, after part of the building came crashing down I was separated from the others.

“Doods where are you!?” I yelled at the top of my lungs hoping someone could hear me. I heard something fall with a loud crash behind me, whipping around and pulling out the diamond sword Steve gave me, I waved the smoke out of my vision. I paused when I heard voices.

“They’re around here somewhere.” A gruff male voice spoke up.

“Don’t need to tell me, just use that big nose of yours and sniff them out already.” A higher pitched voice rang out; I caught a glimpse of a tall white hairy figure. Like a werewolf!

My eyes widened and I slowly stepped backwards, trying to be as quiet as possible, thank god there is smoke. My foot kicked a rock, shit! The werewolf’s head whipped around, I think…, a large metal ball came slamming down in front of me, smashing the ground, I yelped and jumped back. Then a metal chain came swing out wrapping itself around my arm, I was yanked forward.

I yelped in fright and in pain, “What’s this, a little sneaky sheep, lurking to close to the wolf.” His face was inches from mine, breathing down my neck, I had a close up on his features. A black leather jacket hung loosely from his shoulders, his gray muscle shirt strained under the added size of his large wolf like figure. His baggy blue jeans were ripped at the knees, a loose gold chain hung out of one pocket, a silver pendant hung down his neck, with a single wing shape on it.

I squirmed from his grip, the chain biting in to my arm, giant claws flashed in front of my face, my eyes widened and I stopped squirming, “Good little sheepy.” He grinned, his amber glowing eyes peered into me, his giant canines threatened to rip me to shreds.

“Blake put him down; let’s just focus with finding them.” The same female voice spoke up; I strained to twist my head around. From the corner of my vision I could see a girl, her hair was bright blond and braided to hang limply over her shoulder, they were tipped with bright pink. A gold colored stomach shirt hugged her pale, almost translucent skin, white ripped thigh shorts, and white knee length laced boots covered the bottom. A cloak flowed behind her, never catching fire, in fact it was like it repelled it, it was hard to make out but I think it showed a picture of two golden crystal wings, supporting the sun, she also had amber eyes.

“Can’t we have a little fun, killing him won’t change anything.” He growled, my eyes widened but my thoughts of how to escape were interrupted by someone shouting.

“Mitch where are you!” that sounded like Sky, on instinct my head shot up and I was about to yell something but stopped myself before it was too late, unfortunately I think the girl noticed.

“What’s your name?” the girl walked up to me and sternly said.

It was getting hot under this armor, and even though I knew I shouldn’t have answered her question, something, like a force, made me, “M-Mitchell.” Shit!

“Blake, don’t kill him, we can use him as bait to lure the others.” Blake, as I assumed he was called, grumbled in annoyance.

The wolf flipped me over his shoulder and flicked my diamond sword away, I yelped as I landed roughly, “Don’t try anything funny, or I’ll slit your throat.”

“Mitch!” loud coughing followed, the girl and the wolf walked through the flames as if it were nothing, and made their way to my friends, they didn’t suspect a thing.

Ryan’s POV

It was getting harder to breathe, and we were all coughing, “We need to get out, and just hope Mitch did the same,” Seto urged us, still clutching that book close to his chest. Blazes were circling us from overhead, but swiftly turned their attention elsewhere; I could barely hear the faint sounds of fighting.

We broke through the wall and sighed, fresh air at last. I collapsed on the ground, waiting and hoping to see Mitch stumble through the smoke, but instead I saw something else.

A golden girl, and a silver wolf, who was carrying a squirming Mitch over his shoulders.

“I-impossible,” Seto hissed beside me, as he slowly stood up.

Seto’s POV

They should be extinct, their race was wiped out by Notch 15 years ago, they haven’t existed since the last god’s war! Beings of Light and Dark.

The Dark being walked up, a hybrid of a wolf, but more aggressive, he bared his teeth in a toothy grin, “Looks like we’ve found our quarry, how about we shred just a few.”

The Light being, a girl dressed in gold and white, wearing a sorcerer’s cloak, she glared at the wolf, their aura’s told me they are siblings, the wolf is the oldest though, “Blake down boy, just deliver the message.”

He glared at her with his amber eyes, “Fine,” he grumbled, “Bring the girl, and you’ll get the sheepy back, OR he’ll be dead in 2 weeks’ time.” He snarled snapping his teeth in Mitch’s direction.

Around me everyone gasped, but we were all weak from smoke inhalation, Ryan screamed in frustration and charged, well more of stumbled towards the two, brandishing an enchanted diamond sword.

“No!” I shouted, it was too late. The wolf had spun around you, could see the shocked face of Mitch as the wolf used the metal ball on his tail and smashed it down into Ryan’s side. Ryan was flung into the air, blood was already spilling, and he dropped his sword upon impact.

“No!” Mitch screamed.

“Thanks for the new sword,” he grinned, the other girl grabbed him by his hand, and two golden wings appeared, they flew away with Mitch, off into the distance.

Luna ran with inhuman speed and jumped into the air, catching Ryan in one swift motion, she landed on two feet, and the ground was already being soaked in blood. I ran over, everyone crowded around us, “Is he… is he dead,” whispered Jordan.

“No he’s still alive, just barely, we need to get him somewhere safe, and hope Mae finds us.” I said, as we all carefully lifted Ryan far away from the collapsing building near the base of the tall walls, far from any destruction.

For once I’ll be glad when Mae comes back.
DoR Chapter 9 - Celestial City

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Thanks you for all the support! I'm at 400 reads on Wattpad, though adding all the reads here I'm definitely past 400 XD So thank you so much for everything!

Chapter 8 >> :bulletblue: Cover :bulletblue: Chapter 10>>

I drew an image of what I think a creeper would look like in this world, just follow this link -> Creeper

 Also I'm sooooo sorry this wasn't up earlier! I had writers block and homework! ):


IMPORTANT: Also, go check out the journal for this story if you want to learn more about the characters and when the next update is.

Journal: Descendant of Ruin

The story is also on my Wattpad and if you want to follow me there than click this link: WrittenDarkness

Mitch’s POV

I wasn’t really paying attention to what they were saying, the only thing on my mind was, why is this happening. We’re stuck in a different dimension, and I’m surprised I’m still calm after everything that has happened. I wonder what all the fans think, are they ok?

My head hurt and I couldn’t think straight, I glanced up and saw Luna; she made me think of my sisters. I hope they’re not worried too much, I heard Luna mutter, “If only it were that easy here.” Then she ran off.

I didn’t think, I reacted, I bolted up off from the ground and ran after her, my mind was saying make sure she’s ok, I didn’t know why, but it was like what I would do if one of my sisters were acting like this.

I realized she had run into a nearby forest, but I couldn’t hear her, it was like the moment she stepped in she disappeared. I got worried thinking something bad happened to her and ran in, “Luna are you ok?”

“Go away!” I heard her shout; I peered through the trees to where I heard the voice and saw her crying.

“You ok?” I gingerly stepped towards her; she didn’t answer me so I sat down next to her, “Why are you crying?”

“I told you to go away.” She looked up and glared at me, her eyes were read and puffy.

“I won’t, there obviously is something bothering you, and I don’t leave friends behind when they’re sad.”

“Friends? We’ve only just met, you don’t know anything about me,” she exclaimed, it shocked me and I almost fell backwards.

“True, but seeing you run made me think, you’re just like my sister, and I wouldn’t want to see her cry.” When I said sister her eyes widened and she broke down again.

“You have a sister?” I nodded, “I had a brother… he’s probably dead…”

“Do you want to talk about it?” I was curious, but I didn’t want to be insensitive.

Herobrine, it’s his fault,” that’s why she’s upset when she heard his name; “Me and my family were doing our weekly hunting competition.”

She sniffled and continued, “We split up into teams, me and my brother, our mom and dad. It was going fine until we heard screaming. We were both worried and ran towards the sound; we found the crumpled bloody bodies of our parents.”

My eyes widened, who would do such a thing, “Before we could react we were surrounded by mobs, and I saw 2 glowing white eyes behind a tree before they disappeared. We both were fighting for our lives, but we couldn’t do anything, my… my brother told me to… run.” She was sobbing uncontrollably now, “I didn’t want to run but I did, I ran… I was scared; the last thing I saw of my brother was him collapsing. He’s dead; it’s HIS FAULT, ITS ALL HEROBRINES FAULT!”

This time I did stumble backwards, “I’m sorry,” she mumbled and started fidgeting on the ground, “I’m not very good at restraining my emotions,”

“That’s ok.” I smiled at her and she smiled back at me.

“You remind me of my brother,” she looked down, “I wish he was here with me, after I ran Seto and his friends found me and took me in, I found out they are rebelling against Herobrine so I joined them.”

“Who is Herobrine?”  I asked.

“There is a story about how our world we know was created, two gods, Notch created the beauty and the life of our world, Herobrine created the horrors and death of it. They ruled side by side keeping the balance between the world, until one day Notch disappeared and chaos broke out.”

Notch? I’m starting to think these things are tied to my world too, something isn’t right, “Herobrine took over and at first he managed the roles of both Notch and himself, but it corrupted him and now he’s nothing but a power hungry god, he goes around and does whatever he wants.”

She shuddered, and started to tear up again, “Hey, hey, please don’t cry,” I hugged her, and she stopped crying.



“Thank you, you’re just like my brother,” I smiled at the last part, we may not be related but I’m glad in the few minutes we’ve been talking she thinks of me as family.

“Mitch where are you,” I heard Ryan yell.

“I’ll be there biggums!” I answered.

Luna giggled behind me, “You even speak the same way as my brother, and it must be the blessing of Notch.”

We walked back to where everyone was, right in the middle of yet another argument by our two favorite sorcerer and dragon… The sarcasm is real…

Seto’s POV

“Will you stop being a dumbass and just accept our help! Don’t think I want to do this, it’s only because Herobrine is involved in all this.” I glared at Mae; she’s really getting on my nerve.

“We never asked for your help,” She hissed at me.

“Well you’re going to get! Whatever Herobrine wants with you and your friends, concern all of us and the people of this world!” she stood there in silence then walked away, I said nothing, and Ty ran after trying to calm her down.

“Hey Seto, wait up.” Sky yelled to me as he ran up to me.

I stopped and glanced back at him, “What?”

“It’s about Mae… Just give her sometime, she’s taking this harder than all of us.”

I sighed, “You’re supposed to be her friend right, how do you put up with her?”

He laughed at what I said, “I think it’s really her that puts up with me, sometimes I think it’s my fault she’s always so tense and stressed… I don’t exactly make it easy on her.” He frowned at himself and gazed off into the distance, then walked away, what does he mean by that?

I saw Mae and Ty come back; she was wielding a tall silver staff with a curved blade at the end, she held it so it was behind her but the blade was curved in front of her. It looked like it was wrapping itself around her. Ty was also wielding a similar thing, two twin swords; they had a dark grey hilt, about 7-inches long, the blade was silver, almost white with a zigzag made of purple.

“Oh good you found your weapons you dropped last night,” Jason ran over to them.

“Yea, we should just start moving, we’re already losing precious day light.” Mae replied.

“Then let’s head to the nearest village, we’ll all be able to stock up on supplies and gather resources,” I stated loudly, “It’s only about an hour’s walk from here.”

I saw my friends start packing up the tents and food, while Mae’s strange group started helping, Mae walked over to me, “Look, we obviously don’t like each other, but if we’re ever going to get things done we have to be at truce, as the obvious leaders of each group, arguing with each other is only going to be a bad influence.”

She had a point, so I quickly nodded in agreement and she left to help everyone pack up.

Time Skip

“Are we there yet?” Mitch yelled.

“No,” I hissed.

“You said it would take an hour to get there it’s been TWO,” Mae yapped.

“I did, but I didn’t expect your friend,” I pointed at Mitch, “to be so out of shape!”

“Hey! Don’t blame it on me, unlike you I take a car or bus someplace, and Sky, Ty, Jason, and Mae train every day. I play video games for a living.” He threw his hands up in the air and fumed.

“Is that the village down there?” Sky called out, I looked up to see he was already at the top of the hill, “It looks pretty busy.”

“Yea, the town should be down there,” I answered him; he nodded and ran down the hill, everyone chased after him so we could catch up.

“Thank god, we’re finally here.” Mitch muttered.

“This is where we can split up to gather supplies, me, Ryan, and Jordan will gather any weapons and armor. Ian, Quentin and Luna can gather some information and maybe some potions.”

“My friends can get the food.” Mae interrupted me; I rolled my eyes and nodded at her. With a brisk wave we split up into our respective groups.

Mae’s POV

Time Skip

“I don’t know about you, but I have no clue where to go to look for food.” I muttered.

“How about this place,” Jason pointed, he was staring up at a giant wooden sign, slightly worn with age and tilted to one side. Almost like it would break and fall off any minute now. In carefully painted letters it read, ‘Munching Bakery’.

“What the fuck kind of name is that?” I blurted, behind me Mitch and Ty were snickering.

“You’re asking me, let’s just go in and see what they have.”

Jason opened the door; it squeaked at the movement, it probably hasn’t been used very often. Inside of the building looked more worse for wear than the outside, while the inside was spacious and could probably with at least ten tables each with a set of two chairs, there was only one lone table and chair. The chair leaned at a slight angle, and the table was covered in dust. In the far left corner was a counter with a chest on top of it, probably like a cash register. There was a small two row shelf protected by glass built into the counter, it was completely empty. Behind the counter was an iron door.

“Well it doesn’t look like this place sells any food, maybe we should try elsewhere,” Ty groaned. I nodded and everyone quickly agreed we were just about to leave when I heard the floor boards creak far behind us.

“W-wait, you’re customers right, I don’t usually get many so sorry for my absences. Please come back.” We all stopped moving and saw a teenage boy, maybe about Ty’s height. He had on a grey and red checkered hoodie with a white shirt underneath, long blue jeans and grey sneakers. Big plastic glasses sat over his eyes.

“Well we’re just looking for some travelling food.” I said.

He gasped and his eyes looked like they were shining with glee, “You people are travelers? Where are you from, what kind of quest?” he started bombarding us with questions and my head swam with so many.

“Whoa, calm down please my head hurts now because of all the questions,” Ty cautioned.

The teen stopped talking and continued to stare at us, “Oh right, my name is Tyler, some people call me Tato.”

“Nice to meet you, but we are still wondering what kind of food you have available to us.”

“Well I have bread.”

“Just bread?” Mitch muttered.

“Yes, all sorts, bread rolls, sandwiches, baguettes, you name it.” He beamed proudly at us, “And I’ll give them all too you for free on one condition.”

Doesn’t waste any time telling us what he wants, huh, I thought to myself, “Well what is your condition.

He grinned and ran out back through the door, a moment later he came back holding something that appeared very large, and it was covered in a dirty white cloth.

“A few days ago I saved someone; in return he gave me his most prized possession. He said to me, ‘There is nothing I can give you of more value to me than this, this is my thanks for saving my life.’” He paused and lifted the rag, underneath was a magnificently beautiful diamond axe, “I tried to protest and say he needed this more than I did but he refused. One night he left in the middle of the night without a word, leaving his axe and taking my almost broken stone sword with him. I want to return this to him, and I can’t do that if I’m stuck as a farmer’s boy tending to a bakery…”

I nodded understanding what he was saying, “How do you hope to find him?”

“I hadn’t really thought that far ahead…” he grinned sheepishly at me, all of a sudden the door slammed open from behind us, and Luna came bursting in with Quentin in tow.

“That’s my brother’s!” she yelled.

Luna’s POV

Time Skip Backwards.

Ian had said he was going to one of the elder’s home in hope of finding information for our group, he told Quentin to stay with me to help gather as many potions as we could carry.

“Where is the shop again?” Quentin whined.

“Somewhere!” I hollered.


I didn’t actually know where it was, we’ve just been wandering around for quite a bit. We passed a rundown bakery, when I heard Mae and the others inside, I paused.

“Is this it?” he asked and reached for the door, I slapped his hand away and motioned for him to be quiet. They were speaking about something, travelling; returning a gift, a wave of a familiar scent hit me.

I never did tell you that my sense of hearing and smelling are amplified, why, that’s a secret only my family and Seto know.

I recognized this smell, it smelled like my brother. No, it can’t be, out of pure shock I burst through the door, Quentin behind me.

“That’s my brother’s!” I proclaimed I ran over to the guy holding the diamond axe.

“Whoa Luna it could be anyone’s.” Mae stated, she moved towards me, but Mitch held her back.

“Let her be, this could be important to her.” He said, thank you I said silently to myself.

The teen in front of me stood there shocked, eyes wide, “This definitely belonged to my brother, no one can craft an axe like he does. The blade is thin and curved made to be an ideal weapon, the handle is thick and strong, uneven carving marks in it.” I took the axe from him and flipped it so I could see the bottom of the handle, “These are his initials, J.A.”

I looked up and gripped the axe possessively, “How did you come to get this,” my pupils dilated, “Did you steal it!” I hissed angrily at him.

He stumbled backwards against the wall, shaking his head furiously, “N-no!”

“Whoa Luna calm down,” Quentin’s hand came down on my shoulder, stopping me from attacking, “I’m sure there is a logical answer behind this.”

Time Skip

“Sorry for snapping at you, sometimes I…don’t think about what I’m going to say.” I apologized to the teen, I learned his name was Tyler, “Please hold onto the axe, Jerome entrusted you with it,” I handed him the axe, now I know for certain that Jerome didn’t die back there. He’s alive, and I have to find him…

Mae’s POV

Time Skip

We agreed to let Tyler join us on our travels, he doesn’t actually know why we’re all traveling, but I hope that’s ok. Tyler had run out back and told us to meet him in front of his bakery. We waited outside and soon we were greeted by Tyler and a mule.

“This little fella has all my food stock, plus extra supplies to make more, his name is Royal. Nicest mule in the world.” He petted him on the head and Royal nudged him.

“Right… Let’s just go and meet up with the others.”

It was decided earlier that we would meet on the edge of the east side of town, but we didn’t know where that was, “Tyler, you’ve live here where do we go if we want to get to the east exit.”

“Uhhh…,” he tapped his head and looked around, “I think it’s that way.” He pointed straight in front of us.

“Silly Tyler, you’ve always been bad at directions.” A young female voice spoke up from behind us. My head swiveled around to see a girl with long curly brown hair, tipped with blue highlights. Her clothes were simple, just a light and dark grey tank-top with a creeper face in the middle, dark, almost black pants extended down her legs, three gold bracelets jingled on her wrist. What was a little bit unnatural in my opinion was that her eyes were a pure gold color, and she had two pointed grey ears and a fluffy grey tail.

“Oh Iris, hey… Or I guess good bye…” Tyler shuffled his feet and looked around uncomfortably.

“Wait, your leaving,” she said in shock, her eyes were filled with sadness, “You can’t leave not yet. Please don’t go.”

“I have to,” he pleaded, “This might be the only chance I’ll get to see the world beyond this village.”

I held my head in my hands and sighed, “Oh forget it…” I glanced at the girl, “I can already tell by the look in your eyes, and we don’t have time to waste, so sure, come along if you wish.”

Her eyes lit up and she smiled at me, her tail was wagging like crazy, and Tyler was looking at me like I was crazy, “You really mean it!”

“Yes.” I muttered, Luna and Quentin looked unsure about this, but I didn’t really care.

“Thank you! Thank you, I promise I won’t be a bother.” I think I’m already regretting this.

Time Skip

By the time we reached the east exit, Seto, Ryan, Jordan and Ian were all waiting there.

“Where did you two go?” Ian glared at Luna and Quentin.

“Don’t worry, we’re here now,” Quentin calmly replied, Ian sighed and shrugged it off.

“Mae, what do you think you’re doing bringing strangers along?” Seto scolded.

I rolled my eyes, “Oh buzz off, you’re not my mom or my leader, and I let them come, especially since Luna has a lead on her missing brother, whoever that is.”

His eyes widened, I think I saw a glint of sadness in them but he quickly replaced it with a smile, “That’s wonderful Luna.” I sighed as we gathered up our stuff and headed east. From what Seto told us if we keep heading east we’ll be able to reach the suspected home of Herobrine.

“Do you mind if we make a stop into Celestial City, there is a library there that I know has many books of vast knowledge, they may aid us in information?” Steve called out to everyone, breaking the silence that enshrouded us.

“That’s a good idea, why didn’t I think of that.” Seto answered, “I’ve always wanted to make a trip to that town.”

“Well ok, but where is it?” I asked.

“It’s in the complete opposite direction of where we are heading…” Ian trailed off.

“Well fuck…” Ty grumbled.

“Maybe we should get some horses,” Iris, Tyler’s friend quipped, “my family owns a horse stables back in the town. We can just borrow some horses there and use them to make the trip go faster.”

“Sounds good to me,” Jordan said, everyone nodded their agreement.

We made our way back to the village, but of course. Nothing will ever just go as planned!

“Were these rail tracks always here?” Quentin inquired, staring at a line of nicely place tracks on the ground. They lead out into a forest, too far us to see their origin.

“No, why?” Tyler verified, staring at Quentin quizzically.

I could hear the whirring of something rolling down the tracks, Sky yelled out in shock and in less than a second he had transformed, he slammed his feet against the ground. It shook causing some people to stumble, but a wall of 2 feet thick and 7 feet tall of earth rose up, with a punch Sky sent it hurtling down the rail tracks, it smashed into whatever was rolling down it and cause a big explosion. Luna, Ty, Ian, Quentin and Iris all covered their ears; the others winced at the loud noise.

“What the heck was that!” Tyler spluttered his eyes were wide in shock.

“It looked like a TNT Cart in Minecraft,” Sky faltered, “not sure what you would call it here.”

“Awwwwww,” a voice giggled, “Simon, they ruined our fun!”

“Danggit, that was boring.” Two guys appeared from behind the trees. One with short black hair, black shades and an orange tie over his black coat and white shirt, the other was what appeared to be a guy with a watermelon for a head, an orange shirt labeled with the letter S. How does that work, the longer I stay in this world, the more I wish everything made sense…

“Boring! You could’ve killed us,” Luna roared I swear I saw her grow claws, but they disappeared before I could check, Seto had stopped her from charging and quickly calmed her down.

“Actually, this was completely harmless…”

“What do you mean,” Ian walked over to Sky, followed by Ty an Mitch. I watched as wall of rock sunk back into the ground, behind it was revealed to be…

Fucking party confetti!

The guy with the sunglasses started to giggle, “You need to pay for our damaged merchandise, you see we’re merchants, and your friend just destroyed our precious good.”

“Yea, what he said,” the watermelon head intoned, both of their thick accents made it hard to understand.

“We don’t have time for this!” Jordan bellowed.

“We didn’t destroy anything; you’re the ones that sent the cart rolling down to us!” I shrieked at them, they must think this is all a joke! I have families waiting back home who probably think something horrible has happened to us!

“Then we won’t leave till you pay up,” his goofy grin widened to a mischievous one.

I perked up to say something when Steve came up and whispered to me, “Don’t worry they won’t stay with us for long unless they’re willing to risk their lives.” I sighed and nodded.

“Fine then Mr. Gigglefest and Watermelon head… this is your own risk.” I shooed them away and continued walking to the town, everyone did the same.

“My name is Bodil! And this is Simon.” The glasses dude called out from behind me.

I snorted in annoyance, I hope you’re right Steve; I don’t want to have to deal with those two for very long.

???’s POV

I spied on them through the eyes of one of their own, he doesn’t even know it. I grinned insanely at myself, this is only the beginning, and soon the real fun will begin.

Small sparks of electricity coursed through my fingertips, as I let my eyes revert back to their normal state, that’s enough spying. I need to speak to my brother.

I hope you know what you are doing, I expect those imbeciles out of this world in 2 weeks, no more. If you fail to do so then…, you know the consequences, I growled into his mind.

Leave it to me, you have nothing to worry about, everything is going according to plan.

I snorted, my smile growing bigger, welcome home, Mae!
Chapter 8 - New Friends
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Descendant of Ruin [TeamCrafted FF]

Updates: New Chapter 9 - Celestial City

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Next Update: 9/26 MAYBE, if not then 9/28


Descendant of Ruin [TeamCrafted] by CATtheDrawer


    The NTCTP, which stands for the Neuro Tech Combat Training Program, was developed in the year 2015. People would think a futuristic society would develop in the centuries to come, not in a matter of two years. 

    It’s been two years since the NTCTP was established, Mae lives her life as the roots of that system, the general. Their job, to protect the world from destroying itself and to preserve the peace. A well know youtuber who is known as SkyDoesMinecraft, is Mae’s best friend and her second in Command. Two new recruits, known to Minecrafters all around as Deadlox and MinecraftUniverse, show up. Things get a little hectic, but they’re sorted quickly. 
    One day the NTCTP finds itself facing a new enemy, nobody knows him, he just seems to appear and disappear. He's different from all the other criminals, its almost inhuman, and he seems to know Ty, and something about all of them. 

    Mae has no choice, as the general, she takes things into her own hands, she won't stop until she's finds out the truth about that man, Ty, and herself. A battle with everything she thought she knew about herself is unleashed, as she clashes with her foe, her friends and her humanity. 

    “I can control my destiny, but not my fate. Destiny means there are opportunities to turn right or left, but fate is a one-way street. I believe we all have the choice as to whether we fulfill our destiny, but our fate is sealed,” Paulo Coelho.

Characters [More to come as the story progress]:

P.S. I have a friend who is helping me with character designs, she's really good. :D I'm excited.

Mae Rudine:

Age: 17

She has long brown hair that reaches about mid-back; her bangs usually sweep to the right, her brown eyes clash nicely on her pale Carmel colored skin. (pretty much the same as her second form) She’s thin, about 5'3", but not someone to mess with.

At the NTCTP she is known as General Ember, one, because she is the most experienced and strongest fighter, two, because she is what people call the Dragon of Fire. Out of the whole facility, she and Adam are the only ones with transformations resembling non-existent creatures. Mae is obviously a dragon, and she can control fire, at a later date she’ll be able to use lightning.

Mae is known by her friends and co-workers to have a bad temper, which can sometimes get out of hand. She is strict, hard working general, who doesn’t like rules broken, though her intentions are good, her attitude is not. You can’t control the flame. Mae works hard to keep her attitude in check, but she is very sarcastic, and continuously has to watch over Adam.

Adam Dahlberg:

Age: 22

He normally has curly brown hair, and brown eyes, with peachy skin. About 6’ and wears usually a t-shirt and jeans/shorts. The only person who never arrives in uniform.

At the NTCTP he is known as Commander Sky, the second Neuro Combatant to have a form of an animal that doesn’t exist, a dragon with no wings, aka a serpent. Adam has control over the earth, later he’ll be able to control plants movement and growth.

Adam is a minecraft youtuber, known as SkyDoesMinecraft, he’s loud, funny and plays quite a bit of pranks on Mae. Even with his job at the NTCTP he still continues to make videos on his channel. He often puts his work off to be done later, and doesn’t take it seriously, but he’s not completely irresponsible.

Ty Ellis:

Age: 18

He has long brown hair that covers his left eye, and pale skin. About 5’7”, he normally wears casual clothes, even some resembles his MC character’s outfit.

At the NTCTP he arrives as a new recruit with Jason, after unlocking his second form on the first day he receives the codename Dragon from the general herself. It’s Dragon because he is officially the 3rd person to have a non-existent animal form, Ty can control the element air. Later he will be able to control different gasses.

Ty is also a minecraft gamer, and is good friends with Adam and Jason. His channel is called DeadlocMC. In the beginning it takes Ty some time to warm up to Mae because there first encounter wasn’t exactly pleasant, but he soon becomes friendly and funny, but more serious than Sky. Though his intentions are good, there is no doubt he is hiding something.

Jason Stokes: (Ik the last name isn't his actual last name, I just like the sound of it :))

Age: 19

Jason has curly cream/tan hair, and sea-blue eyes, approximately 5’9”. Has an assortment of beanies he wears.

At the NTCTP he arrives as a new recruit and is one of those few who already have a codename even though his second form is unknown. His codename is Star, Recruit Star. His second for will be the fourth person to have a non-existent animal form, it will be that of a dragon with no wings. Jason will be a Serpent of the Water, later he’ll be able to control ice and other liquids, excluding lava and things similar to that.

To his fans on Youtube he is known as the MineccraftUniverse, or TrueMU. He is also good friends with Ty and Adam. Jason is a very calm and caring person. He puts the well-being of others before himself, he came to the NTCTP with Ty, but he does not know what Ty is keeping a secret.


Chapter 1 - This is only the beginning

Chapter 2 - Dragon of Air

Chapter 3 - A Danger Unknown

Chapter 4 - Aquaphobia

Chapter 5 - Serpent of Water

Chapter 6 - Virtual Gaming Tragedy?

Chapter 7 - Science and Sorcery do NOT Mix

Chapter 8 - New Friends

Chapter 9 - Celestial City



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  • Listening to: Music
  • Reading: Computer
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  • Eating: Air
  • Drinking: Water
DoR Creeper Drawing by CATtheDrawer
DoR Creeper Drawing
This is my idea of what a creeper would look like in my story Descendant of Ruin.

Here are the links to all the info on the story:

Go check out the journal for this story if you want to learn more about the characters and when the next update is.</i>

Journal: Descendant of Ruin

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Mae’s POV

I groaned as the light slipped into my sight, I rubbed my eyes feverishly and slowly began to sit up. My back hurt like I had been lying on something uncomfortable, I realized that my hand was squeezing something on the ground, something thin and leafy?

My vision cleared and I looked down to see I was clutching grass? My head shot up as I looked around, where the hell am I! I was in the middle of a forest with tall dark trees resembling spruce trees, like from Minecraft. The only thing different was that nothing here was made of blocks. I stood up and leaned against a tree for support, I don’t know where I am but this isn’t good, I heard some groaning beside me.

When I turned around I saw the others, Sky, Ty, Jason, and Mitch all lying in a clump almost hugging lol. I covered my mouth as I giggled, Sky sat at up and looked around, his eyes landed on me.

“Mae! What the fuck, where are we!?” He exclaimed.

“I-I don’t know I’m just as confused as you are,” I replied.

“Wait do you think it’s like those stuck in Minecraft fanfictions?” he stood up.

I rolled my eyes, “Does it look like we’re in a blocky fucking world!” I grumbled as I gestured to the world around us.

“Yea… I guess but you look just like your Minecraft skin, only difference is you hair and eyes.” I started at him quizzically as I realized he was right, I hadn’t realized it but Sky had his MC skin on too, he just looked different because we weren’t blocks and stuff. Not to mention we weren’t two block tall block people we looked like us in real life.

“What the fuck is going on!” I screamed in frustration, I looked down at the other three who were still hugging each other.

“Be quiet Mae,” what if someone hears us.” He cautioned looking around nervously.

“Oh come on! Who’s going to be wandering the middle of the forest?!” Yep I was definitely going through another mood swing… watch out world Mae is coming through.

“Um, excuse me Miss,” I heard the ground crunch behind me and swiveled around to see a man, short brown hair, and ocean blue eyes, his shirt was a sky blue color and slightly ripped, blue pants, kind of like jeans I think, his shoes looked grey and worn.

“That guy…” Sky whispered to me as he walked up to me.

“Shut up,” I muttered to him.

“Are you people ok? I heard yelling from nearby and thought someone was calling for help,”

“Uh, well, I guess you could say we’re lost. Are friends back there are still unconscious and we don’t know how to get back home.” I shakily replied I wasn’t sure who this was he could be someone dangerous; I instantly put my hand to waist grabbing the cold metal of my Scythe. Wait what? I looked down and indeed found my scythe there even my bracelet! I felt my hair and found my pin too. What weird shit is going on, I have my MC skin on, but my weapons too, and there is no doubt this place is nowhere near the area of the base, something isn’t right.

“Is she alright? She’s staring at me?” I heard the man whisper to Sky.

“Yea, she’s fine, just leave her be or she’ll bite…”

“Hey!” I snapped at Sky as I turned to glare at him.

“Oh good your back,” he smiled an relaxed, “I have a cabin nearby, you can bring your friends over there and rest up, then you can tell me what happened I might be able to help, I know this world like the back of my hand.”

“Thank you,” Sky said before I could protest, I glared at him as he ignored me and picked up Ty and Mitch, and I sighed and helped him with Jason. If you’re wondering, it turns out after Ty and Jason unlocked their transformation I figure some things out…

Let me explain, there are two dragons and two serpents, both me and Ty are dragons the only ones with dragon like wings, Sky and Jason are serpents. Now out of me and Ty I’m stronger, and I’m positive it’s not because of training, now Ty on the other hand is faster, same with Sky and Jason, Jason is faster, Sky is stronger. I wish I knew why…, but this is why picking them up is a lot more easier for us that you think, even for my petite size, and I’m the shortest one out of the group.

Also another thing to note, water is my weakness, I weaken earth, earth weakens air, and air weakens water. It’s reasonable, now earth strengthens me, I strengthen water, water strengthens air, and air strengthens earth. It took a while to understand but it’s just a need to know so we don’t do something stupid. Don’t forget our own element is our source of power, which is very hard on me…

Commander Hawk’s POV (OMG wha? LOL this will probably be one of the only times this happens and it’ll be short)

What’s taking Mae so long… The party is going to start in a few minutes, all the guest are here and are eagerly waiting for her arrival, plus there are some missing recruits and our Commander Sky. I know for a fact Mae would never let herself be this off track. I was pacing around worriedly.

“Guys I’m going to go check up on them,” I shouted and burst out the room running to building 3 to Mae’s room.

Time Skip

I knocked on the door and got no answer, so I twisted the door knob and found it unlocked. Opening the door slightly I peered inside, the lights were on, but what was strange was that everyone plus the early party guest were asleep; all of them had helmets on.

I pushed the door open all the way and started to inspect everything, Commander Sky was lying against the wall so was Recruit Dragon (Ty), Mae was resting at the base of the bed and Recruit Star (Jason) laying near Mae’s desk, the party guest looked like he was lying uncomfortably, it didn’t look right. I walked over to him to try and wake him up when my foot kicked something, I looked down and picked it up it read, “Minecraft Virtual Gaming Handbook: all the need to knows and more!”

Oh wow, now I get it they’re just playing Minecraft, I wonder when they got it. I opened it up and hoped to find some way to wake them up; I didn’t want to take the helmet off that might break something. One of the sections in the table of contents read, “3.5 waking someone up from the outside world.”

Hear it is, I thought, I flipped to page 74, but…., it was blank!? I looked up just in time to see something going on. Everyone was glowing white!

“Holy crap, what is going on!” I ran to Mae’s side and tried to wake her up, I grabbed hold of her helmet and was about to try to rip it off, when suddenly I was holding nothing but air. She had disappeared and exploded into, code?, “What the fuck was that!”

I spun around as the other 4 did the same, my eyes widened in horror, as the realization struck me, are general is missing along with Commander Sky, two recruits and an unknown party guest!

I clutched the instruction book tightly and dashed out of the room, I need to get help, whatever happened it’s because of that game!

Sky’s POV

Me and Mae had been sitting and explaining what we remembered and what had happened to the man before us in his living room, whose name we learned was Steven. I have to say he actually looks exactly like the Minecraft Steve.

“So what your saying is that you and your friends were playing a game at home called Minecraft, a world made of blocks and when you went to sleep you woke up here.” Steven echoed back to us.

“Yes… That’s what I said,” Mae retorted.

He laughed, “Sorry this is all so much to take in, I’ve never heard of a video game, nor of technology, but it sounds so fascinating.”

“Whoa what you don’t know what technology is!” I yelled in surprise.

“Sky were you even listening to our conversation we already established he has never heard of it…” Mae looked at me like I was stupid.

“Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.” I smirked.

“Figures, why don’t you go check on the others if you’re not going to take our predicament seriously.” She hissed at me.

I shrugged and stood up and walked over to the guest room where everyone was situated. I heard some quiet whispering going on, so I slammed open the door with as much force as I could, forgetting this wasn’t my home, “Guys! You’re awake!”

I laughed at their shocked and frightened expressions, “No plz I fan!” Mitch screamed in shock. I couldn’t help it fell to the ground and started laughing. I heard footsteps and looked up between laughs and saw Mae standing over me with Steven behind her.

“Dammit Sky I actually thought something bad happened!” she shrieked at me, I rolled over as she kicked me lightly in the side, I oofed as I stood up, wiping the tears from my eyes.

“Well I’m glad all your friends are ok.” Steven said behind Mae.

“Pffft, I’m not sure how long that’s going to last with Sky messing around, and what is going on, where are we?” Ty snorted.

“Aww gezz I think I have a bruise.” Mitch grumbled.

“Dood how?” Jason asked.

“That because of how you landed irl when you logged onto the game, you didn’t exactly land comfortably,” Mae answered, “and before you start spewing craziness, it’s been confirmed, we’ve somehow managed to land in a different world when we all went to sleep.”

“Wait what!” We all yelled.

“Sky shut up, you would’ve known if you paid attention…” Mae snapped, oh god she is definitely not happy, “If you’re all done sitting on the floor I would like to hurry up and find a way out if here.” She stormed off leaving all of us sitting or standing in shock, Steven was just standing there unsure what to do.

“Who are you?” Jason asked Steven.

“Oh right, where are my manners, I’m Steven, I found you guys while your friend Sky and Mae were arguing.”

“So is what Mae said true, are we really in a different world?” Ty’s voice quivered.

“Yes but no worries! I’ve decided to help you guys find a way out, I know this world like the back of my hand.” He grinned.

“Oh you don’t have to do that.” I said we know how to take care of ourselves.

“Except the guy who isn’t in a super powered police force…” Mitch muttered, I think I heard Ty laughing a bit.

“Well I have weapons, plus this is a good opportunity for me to do some exploring, I’ve wanted to leave this old place and start anew.”

“Well I guess the help would be very much appreciated.” I postulated.

“Great, Mitch right,” he looked at Mitch as he nodded, “Ok follow me, let’s get you some tools.” I watched as Mitch followed Steven, Ty and Jason stumbled up leaning on the wall.

“Wow this is extremely bizarre,” Jason proclaimed Ty nodded his agreement; I sighed and walked over to where Mae stormed off.

???’s POV

What do you have to say for yourself
,I telepathically sent to my brother.

I’m sorry, it was an honest mistake, I’ll fix it, he replied.

You better! If you don’t get it right then I’ll kill you, malice could be detected in my voice.

Leave it to me, I’m sure I can fix it, you don’t need to worry.

I gritted my teeth and left it at that, I have other things to do.

Mae’s POV

Me and Sky were waiting outside for everyone, they sure were taking their time. A moment later I could hear their chattering and watched them waltz out the door.

“You guys finally ready?”

“No,” Ty grinned.

“Whatever,” I sighed as I started walking; it didn’t matter to me where I went.

“Wait up!” Steven yelled.

I swiveled around to see him running towards me, “Steven what are you doing here?”

“Didn’t they tell you I would be coming with you.” he asked.

I turned to glare at Sky he held his hands up in surrender, “It may have slipped my mind lol.”

I sighed, no stopping him now, “Fine, fine.”

“You don’t need to worry; I know all the dangers of this world, so I can protect you.”

I can’t snap at him for being clueless, but, “No need, I can fight for myself.”

“Oh I know, but you don’t know how dangerous this place can be.”

“I think I can manage.” I shot back.

He laughed and continued walking, I saw Jason from the corner of my eye walk up to me, “I know this must be hard, but I know we’ll make it back,” he smiled sweetly, and I couldn’t help but smile too, he always seems to know how to encourage me.

Time Skip

In no time we had made it out of the forest and were now looking down a hill, at the vast valley below. The Sun was setting making the world look like it was on fire, it was beautiful.

“We need to make shelter fast if we want to live through the night,” Steven broke the silence.

“Why?” Mitch asked.

“Well like your game you described to me mobs spawn at night, unlike what you described though they can be quite menacing and large, they are stronger than in the game.”

As if on cue, lots of growling could be heard behind me, I spun around to come face to face with a zombie freakishly large and ugly, his breath smelled of rotten flesh. Before I could react, Sky pulled out his sword and sliced the zombie in two with ease.

“Everyone let’s hurry down the hill!” Sky screamed.

Steven took the lead with Mitch in close pursuit, Ty and Jason frantically followed, me and Sky had the back. I unlatched my scythe and squeezed it firmly; it grew in size to be six and a half feet long. I swung in a full circle instantly kill all the zombies nearby.

“There are too many Mae, we need to get out of here and catch up with the others!” I nodded and we both broke our way through. We almost made it if not for the creature that stood in our way, it towered Sky and me, probably  8 feet tall, it was green and moldy looking, a huge frown was plastered on it, its 6 stubby legs tapping the ground.

“Is that a creeper?” I whispered, it hissed and started to glow, I reacted fast, fire grew around me, and I transformed, wincing as I grew horns. My scythe blazed to life and I lunged forward, swinging it down on the head, it stopped glowing.

“Oh thank goodness, I don’t want to see what kind of explosion that thing could’ve made.” I nodded in agreement and grabbed his arms.

“This is quicker, “ he didn’t fight, even though I knew he didn’t like it. My wings flamed up and we took off into the air, I scouted around seeing our group still running.

“Have I ever told you I get queasy when my feet don’t touch the ground?” Sky’s voice quivered.

I rolled my eyes, “Yes Sky many times, have I ever told you how ironic it is your name Sky but you can’t stand being in the sky…”

He shuddered; the others were fighting and heading towards… a fire!? Wait no, I squinted my eyes and I could barely make out figures by the fire, they had just noticed our friends and were making their towards them, brandishing weapons too.

“Mae do you—“

“Yes Sky, let’s hurry.”

Those newcomers were slaying the mobs, oh good their friendly. I leaned forward trying to speed up; I wish I was as fast as Ty, “Whoa Mae please slow down!”

“Do you want to reach the ground sooner,” I hissed, he nodded meekly, “Then shush!” I didn’t realize the arrow flying straight at me.

I screamed at the tip dug itself into my shoulder, me and Sky began to plummet down to the ground, straight for them. I had let go of Sky and he was also screaming my wings had disappeared. From the corner of my vision Ty had launched himself into the air with his wings and caught Sky, unfortunately they were still falling since Ty wasn’t strong enough to support Sky but they should be fine. I hope…

I only had a few moments before contact with the ground; I wrenched out the arrow and tossed it aside, my mind going black as the darkness clouded my vision. I think I had lost my grip on my scythe, I didn’t feel the impact for I had fallen unconscious.

Ty’s POV

We were running, Steven had directed us to a distant glowing light; he said it was our best chance. I saw Jason whip out his pistols and began firing away, I realized I had my sword and did the same, splitting it in two and slashing it around.

The light was getting closer, I could make out figures over there running to us, with weapons, oh god please be friendly. They ran straight past us, and started killing the mobs; I think I saw some purple fire. I looked up to see fire in the sky, Mae! I grinned was about to shout to her, when a dude next to me raised a bow and arrow to the sky.

It was too late when I realized what he was about to do, but I ran over on instinct, “No! Don’t shoot!” I tackled him to the ground, knocking the wind out of both of us. He shoved me off like I was nothing; two figures were plummeting to the ground.

Jason gasped, I reacted instantly, I dropped my sword and transformed, unleashing my wings I jumped in the air. I wish I could fly better; I went to the figure closest to me, Sky. Catching him in the air I felt us both falling, SHIT! I tried to fly up but it was too hard, everything went black.

Jason’s POV

“Ty!” I scrambled over seeing Ty and Sky fall into a bush; I hope that broke some of their fall. I was shoved aside as two strangers came up and grabbed Ty and Sky.

“We need to get these people back their hurt.” I heard one of them whisper.

“Wait,” I stopped one of them, “What’re you doing to my friends.”

“They need medical attention,” said the one who looked like a walking fish, “Ian! Go check out that mob you shot down maybe there was some loot!”

“You bet Mudflapper, must be something special, never seen one like it before,” I saw a guy with sunglasses on in the middle of the night running off to where the second thing fell from the sky.

Wait, MAE. I dashed after that man, and saw him picking his way over to the crash site.

“Mae! Are you ok!” I screamed desperately. No reply. I stumbled into the guy and he shouted at me as he fell.

“Watch it doo—“ he stopped when we both saw what was in front of us.

“Mae,” I squeaked, she was laying on the ground, blood pouring out from all sides, “What’re you lying down for! Help me!” I ran over to her and tried to lift her up with care, the other guy came over too, and he supported her head.

“There is a pulse, but I’m not sure for how long its weak we need to hurry back.” I nodded.

Time Skip

We rushed into the camp, I saw a cloaked figure hunched over Ty a purple glow emitting from his fingers, next to him was a girl, with long blue hair tipped with purple and streaked the color of mint. I couldn’t make out all her features because it was really dark, but she was wrapping cloth around my friends wounds.

“Seto, it turns out what I shot down was actually… a girl, she’s in critical condition.” That cloaked guy, I guess his name was Seto jumped up.

“Luna, try to keep them alive,” he said to the girl, and ran over to us, “Move her over to Quentin,” he pointed to the fish guy again, I felt myself being pulled in that direction.

“Oh butts, she doesn’t look good, set her down and let me clean her wounds.” Ian and I set her on the ground, I watched nervously at the fish guy.

“Don’t worry dood, he’s just going to spray her lightly with some water, to get rid of the blood.” He gave me a reassuring smile.

I panicked, no not water, “Wait!”

“There is no time!” he took a deep breath and I reacted quickly.

I jumped back transforming, just as the fish sprayed water I used my will to stop it from touching her. They started at me in shock, “What’re you doing, her wounds need to be cleaned!” the fished hissed.

“Water can’t touch her!” I saw Mitch and Steven limping into the camp, being supported by a guy in a cat suit or maybe it was a bat…, I couldn’t tell, and a guy with a weird suit and shirt, and small red sunglasses with dark lens, “Mitch help me!”

He looked up at me and rushed over, I moved the water away and let go, reverting back to my regular form I moved to lift her up, Mitch understood what I was doing and helped me.

“What do you think you’re doing!” that Seto guy shouted at us as he ran over.

“Saving my friend!”

“She needs to be treated!” he growled at me.

“Well that’s exactly what she’s going to get as me and Mitch rested her in their campfire.

I heard loud screams of protest from the other strangers as Seto stared at me in shock, the bat guy lunged at me but I jumped back, only to get caught in the grasp of that fish.

“We could’ve saved her!”

“What’re you talking about you idiot, she’s not burning!” I hissed as I struggled out of his grip, “Water burns her, fire strengthens her!”

All the noise stopped as they realized what I said was true, Mae wasn’t burning.

“Who are you people?” Seto asked as the fish let go of me.

“Travelers from really far away.” That’s all I said.

“Seto they must be tired, let them rest, ask questions tomorrow.” The girl spoke up, she hadn’t stopped tending to my friends wounds, even with all the commotion.

“Fine, Ian show them to an empty tent.” Ian nodded and me, Mitch and Steven followed, what a crazy night, three of our friends is down.

Time Skip

Sky’s POV

I groaned, I felt like shit, I sat up slowly taking in my surroundings. It was day, but I think I was in a tent, along with an unconscious Ty. Thinking back to last night, I realized Ty had saved me probably from death, but I know we were still falling, so why do I feel fine? I stumbled out of the tent and yawned, I saw Mae sleeping in a fire, I snickered to myself. I have something to tease her about later.

Glancing around I realized there were quite a few tents, one of them moved and bit and out came a girl, blue hair tipped with purple, and streaked with a mint like color. She wore a blue shirt with a pink heart on it, and jean shorts, simple grey knee high combat boots below. Headphones the same color of the streaks in her hair hung around her neck, they looked interesting.

“Is there a reason you’re staring?” she asked calmly breaking the silence around us, “Or do you want to be put back in critical condition?"

I snapped my attention to here glaring eyes and held my hands up in surrender, “S-sorry, I just woke up!”

A guy wearing a grey cloak with a white cape in the back strode out of one tent. He had a red creeper face on his shirt, and a white headband around his head, short tufts of hair poked wildly out.

“Luna,” he yawned, “What’s going on?”

The girl, whose name is I guess Luna stopped glaring at me, “This guy keeps staring at me,” she whined.

“I’m sure he’s just confused, he did just wake up in an unfamiliar place,” She grumbled but walked away.

“Sky! You’re awake! How’re you feeling.” Jason screamed at me, both he and Mitch came running over enveloping me in a big hug.

“I’m fine… as long as I don’t choke right now.” They apologized and let me go, a moment later more people had started to come out of the tents. One of them looked like a fish, like a mudkip, with a business suit. Then some bat guy, and two guys with sunglasses, one grey pair like mine, another red.

Mae had begun to stir and slowly rose to her feet, I saw she was covered in scratches, but she looked fine.

“What the hell happened,” she looked around quizzically.

“That’s what we would like to ask?” The cloaked guy came up to us.

“Who are you,” she demanded, they were probably about the same height.

“I am SetoSorcerer, people call me Seto, you and your friend happen to stumble upon our group, and we apologized for shooting you down, we thought you were a mob.”

“Sorcerer? Like magic?” she asked.

“Yes…” he stated annoyed like everyone could’ve figured that out.

I saw her stifle a laugh, oh god this is not good, “Only little kids believe in horse crap like that.”

“Then what was all that stuff about being immune to fire and flying with wings!”

“It was all science of course! Where I’m from everything is based on science and logic, magic doesn’t exist.”

“Sounds like magic to me.” He mumbled.

I saw Mae feel for something at the side of her waist, her scythe, “Where the hell is it!”

Seto smirked, “What’s the matter can’t conjure up a weapon.” He whistled as a diamond sword appeared.

“Pfft,” she morphed and lit her fist on fire, “I can burn through that shit in a matter of seconds!”

I was about to jump forward when the two guys with sunglasses stepped forward, “Ok let’s calm down and not kill each other after just meeting each other, then maybe we can help them.” Said the one with dark shades on, he gingerly pulled Seto away, he sighed with relief when he relaxed, and so did Mae.

“Sky go try and wake up Ty.” Mae told me, I nodded and ran off.

Time Skip

“So what you’re saying is that you’re from a different dimension, and you all are trying to get home minus Steven.” Ryan said, I found out the bat guy’s name was Ryan, he and Mitch became close fast. The sunglasses duo were Ian with the dark shades and Jordan with the red, Quentin was the fish and Luna was a sorceress in training by Seto.

“Yes!” Mae howled.

“Sounds like magic,”Seto retorted.

“I bet you there is a logical scientific explanation behind it all, no magic!” she growled at him.

“Please stop arguing…” I whined, they both glared at me, and I shrunk back.

“I don’t know of any way so far to get them back home.” Said Steven, or Steve he had officially told us to call him Steve.

“Well I know a way, but it’s too magical for her thick head.” Seto pointed to Mae who glared at him.

“Oh please tell—“ I was cut short.

“We don’t need your help thank you very much.”

“Mae you’re being irrational, this could be a way back home,” Jason said, that Luna girl was getting twitchy in her seat, I didn’t know why.

“We don’t need to get help from a stupid sorcerer!”

“Sorcerers aren’t stupid,” Luna stood up shouting really loud, she looked really on edge.

“Well putting aside your childish argument,” said Quentin, “Do you remember anything the moment you came here?” his question was directed at all of us.

None of us had a chance to say anything when Mae spoke up, “If you count two small flashes of light and a voice, sure.” She looked cross and upset, wait a voice?!

Seto and his friends all stood up and yelled, “What!?”

“This information would’ve been helpful a lot earlier,” Seto agonized, “What did he say?”

“Look I don’t know what’s so important, but all he said to me were two pointless words, ‘You can’. Are you happy now?” she defended.

“Of course it is!” Yelled Jordan.

“Do you know what this means,” whispered Ian.

“Does it look like I know…” She glared at him

“Well we all know how you got here, but why is still a mystery,” concluded Seto.

“Do tell,” Steve inquired.

“It’s Herobrine, you’ve all been brought because of Herobrine,” Quentin confirmed.

“You mean that stupid mob in the game?” Mae muttered under her breath, I think I was the only one who heard.

“Well we know of Herobrine,” I said, their eyes widened in fright.

“Don’t tell me your world is ruled by an insane psychotic demonic god impossible to stop!?” Ryan gasped, Luna was getting more on edge, I don’t know why.

“Uh no, what Sky means is that in the game of Minecraft, Herobrine was kind of like a bug in the game that couldn’t be killed so it was removed.” Jason interjected, all the murmuring quieted down.

“If only it were that easy here…” Luna muttered and ran off, I saw Mitch instantly get up and run after her.

“Sky, I can’t possibly think this is all coincidence that the things existing in another dimension are all in one video game back home.” Ty whispered to me, I nodded in agreement, for now all we could do was wait.
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