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My name is Milah, but you can call me Cat. I love all sorts of manga and anime. So I draw, but there are many things I can't draw, so then I write instead. If I'm not doing that I'm working on some type of arts and craft project, the things I do are limitless; sowing, stamping, sculpting, bracelet making, etc. But let's say I am not doing that, I'll be playing Minecraft!!! :D


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PB Turquoise - Starting by Oceannist:iconbuchsenmacher3: Fallenoak image


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Darkness- 21 Chapters COMPLETE
Warriors: Awaken Destruction- 4 Chapters [ON HOLD]
Descendant of Ruin- 14 Chapters W.I.P


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Lost Chars 1-3 [sketch] by CATtheDrawer
Lost Chars 1-3 [sketch]
Seto, Ty, and Adam. These are only 3 out of the 8 characters in my new fanfic LOST.
These images represent how I view them, and such. These are the before and after images, from the current ages [After] to them 10 years ago [Before]. 
I think it looks cool comparing how I image they change! :D


I'm not especially good at drawing people I: These images are as good as I can get atm, I can't do bodies, lol

I started another book called LOST but there are reasons as to why I can't post stuff of it here YET. After I reach 300 reads I will ): sorry

Descendant of Ruin [TeamCrafted FF]


NEW Chapter 15 - The End

Chapter 16 - Some Answers

Chapter 17 - More Mysteries

Next Update: Unsure... 


Descendant of Ruin [TeamCrafted] by CATtheDrawer


    The NTCTP, which stands for the Neuro Tech Combat Training Program, was developed in the year 2015. People would think a futuristic society would develop in the centuries to come, not in a matter of two years. 

    It’s been two years since the NTCTP was established, Mae lives her life as the roots of that system, the general. Their job, to protect the world from destroying itself and to preserve the peace. A well know youtuber who is known as SkyDoesMinecraft, is Mae’s best friend and her second in Command. Two new recruits, known to Minecrafters all around as Deadlox and MinecraftUniverse, show up. Things get a little hectic, but they’re sorted quickly. 
    One day the NTCTP finds itself facing a new enemy, nobody knows him, he just seems to appear and disappear. He's different from all the other criminals, its almost inhuman, and he seems to know Ty, and something about all of them. 

    Mae has no choice, as the general, she takes things into her own hands, she won't stop until she's finds out the truth about that man, Ty, and herself. A battle with everything she thought she knew about herself is unleashed, as she clashes with her foe, her friends and her humanity. 

    “I can control my destiny, but not my fate. Destiny means there are opportunities to turn right or left, but fate is a one-way street. I believe we all have the choice as to whether we fulfill our destiny, but our fate is sealed,” Paulo Coelho.


P.S. I have a friend who is helping me with character designs, she's really good. :D I'm excited.

Mae Rudine:

Age: 17

She has long brown hair that reaches about mid-back; her bangs usually sweep to the right, her brown eyes clash nicely on her pale Carmel colored skin. (pretty much the same as her second form) She’s thin, about 5'3", but not someone to mess with.

At the NTCTP she is known as General Ember, one, because she is the most experienced and strongest fighter, two, because she is what people call the Dragon of Fire. Out of the whole facility, she and Adam are the only ones with transformations resembling non-existent creatures. Mae is obviously a dragon, and she can control fire, at a later date she’ll be able to use lightning.

Mae is known by her friends and co-workers to have a bad temper, which can sometimes get out of hand. She is strict, hard working general, who doesn’t like rules broken, though her intentions are good, her attitude is not. You can’t control the flame. Mae works hard to keep her attitude in check, but she is very sarcastic, and continuously has to watch over Adam.

Adam Dahlberg:

Age: 22

He normally has curly brown hair, and brown eyes, with peachy skin. About 6’ and wears usually a t-shirt and jeans/shorts. The only person who never arrives in uniform.

At the NTCTP he is known as Commander Sky, the second Neuro Combatant to have a form of an animal that doesn’t exist, a dragon with no wings, aka a serpent. Adam has control over the earth, later he’ll be able to control plants movement and growth.

Adam is a minecraft youtuber, known as SkyDoesMinecraft, he’s loud, funny and plays quite a bit of pranks on Mae. Even with his job at the NTCTP he still continues to make videos on his channel. He often puts his work off to be done later, and doesn’t take it seriously, but he’s not completely irresponsible.

Ty Ellis:

Age: 18

He has long brown hair that covers his left eye, and pale skin. About 5’7”, he normally wears casual clothes, even some resembles his MC character’s outfit.

At the NTCTP he arrives as a new recruit with Jason, after unlocking his second form on the first day he receives the codename Dragon from the general herself. It’s Dragon because he is officially the 3rd person to have a non-existent animal form, Ty can control the element air. Later he will be able to control different gasses.

Ty is also a minecraft gamer, and is good friends with Adam and Jason. His channel is called DeadlocMC. In the beginning it takes Ty some time to warm up to Mae because there first encounter wasn’t exactly pleasant, but he soon becomes friendly and funny, but more serious than Sky. Though his intentions are good, there is no doubt he is hiding something.

Jason Stokes: (Ik the last name isn't his actual last name, I just like the sound of it :))

Age: 19

Jason has curly cream/tan hair, and sea-blue eyes, approximately 5’9”. Has an assortment of beanies he wears.

At the NTCTP he arrives as a new recruit and is one of those few who already have a codename even though his second form is unknown. His codename is Star, Recruit Star. His second for will be the fourth person to have a non-existent animal form, it will be that of a dragon with no wings. Jason will be a Serpent of the Water, later he’ll be able to control ice and other liquids, excluding lava and things similar to that.

To his fans on Youtube he is known as the MineccraftUniverse, or TrueMU. He is also good friends with Ty and Adam. Jason is a very calm and caring person. He puts the well-being of others before himself, he came to the NTCTP with Ty, but he does not know what Ty is keeping a secret.


Chapter 1 - This is only the beginning

Chapter 2 - Dragon of Air

Chapter 3 - A Danger Unknown

Chapter 4 - Aquaphobia

Chapter 5 - Serpent of Water

Chapter 6 - Virtual Gaming Tragedy?

Chapter 7 - Science and Sorcery do NOT Mix

Chapter 8 - New Friends

Chapter 9 - Celestial City

Chapter 10 - Voices

Chapter 11 - Another Twisted Victim

Chapter 12 - A Betrayal

Chapter 13 - Gone Home...

Chapter 14 - Losing Trust

Chapter 15 - The End

Chapter 16 - Some Answers

Chapter 17 - More Mysteries



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YAY! hi  I: lol
Whelp my writer's block is over, i hope! :D
Deadlox and Seto Doodles by CATtheDrawer
Deadlox and Seto Doodles
So Kawaii! :D 
I did this in the middle of Math class lol, not like we were doing anything important I:
But it's tiny 10year old Ty and 9 year old Seto! XD
I think I'm going to put the chapters of my story on DA, but I'll still update the Journal for my story Descendant of Ruin, just because I'd be happier to have view on my story on Wattpad.
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